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Cheers for St.Thomas

Raise your voices let them ring

Hurrah for St.Thomas

It’s for our dear school now we sing

God bless St.Thomas

Bless its teachers and its boys

Watch and protect us

In all our sorrows and our joys

Bless our work

With our best we shall try to do it

Grant we’ll not shirk

And live our days to rue it

Bless our games

With fairness we shall play them

Bless our thoughts, our deeds and all our words

Against thee may we not say them

Upwards let us climb boys

Duty’s hard but it’s worthwhile

Onwards never mind boys

Keep the step and keep the smile

Stop not and don’t look round

Easy ways will lead us down

Strive for truth is on the banner of St. Thomas

Truth our efforts crowned.



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